In business and in life,

They say timing is everything. After looking for over a year for the right business, the right product and the right way to get myself to the beach I want to step on right out of my front door, get out of massive debt and say goodbye once and for all to someone else owning my life and my money, I serendipitously clicked on a link…. I have no idea how this popped up, but it wasn’t an ‘accident’. 

The other day, having a dozen options on which way to go to walk my dog, I chose a path that was a bit out of the way. While walking, my dog, who is the canine ambassador to the world, noticed another dog limping down the road. He ran over, I ran after him and this poor dog was dragging the lower half of his right front leg. As I was looking him over for a tag or some ID, and holding him still, animal control came by just at that moment. Together we loaded him into the SUV, and off he went to the vet down the road. Long story short, he was reunited with his owner and I hope received the veterinary care he needed. I could have chosen so many other paths that morning, but there I was on that one, just at the right time, at the right place.
I don’t believe in coincidence. 

I found that link just when I needed it, and I am now on the greatest business adventure of my life, working with a team of incredible people, representing an incredible business opportunity. If your time is now, or past due, and you’re ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’, sick of someone else controlling how you have to spend your day and your time, sick to death of the commute, the boss, the view out your window, you’ve clicked on my link ‘just in time’ to join this remarkable journey.

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